Revolutionary AreekeerA™ Intuitive Retreat

Julie-2013-aIntuition Is The “X-Factor”
Accelerate Your Intuitive Edge
… In Just 3 Days …

ONE on ONE with Julie Lewin
It Will Transform Your Life Forever

Dear Intuitive Visionary,

Seeing as how you are here … I expect right now life for you fits into one or more of the following …

  • you want more from your life … you know something is missing and you have to find the missing link for true happiness
  • you are intuitive and curious to know more about how to use your intuition in your day to day life so you can incorporate it into your business or career
  • you are a healthcare professional and want to incorporate medical intuition into your business
  • you are sick of not living to your highest potential … to be frank you give yourself the #*%@2 – have hit the bottom of the well and literally or metaphorically have released this gut-wrenching scream “I . can’t . do . this . anymore!!!!” … I hear you … I’ve been right there myself. There is a solution!
  • you have an entrepreneur mindset and need a serious intuitive edge to develop your business in a way that resonates with you … rather than what is expected by the industry

If you’re thinking … “I want to know how to use intuition to give me the edge and help me live my purpose”

… then I’ve got the perfect solution, for you.

As a revolutionary (ie., radical) intuitive … I’ve helped thousands of people discover their inner healing powers and awaken their inner knowing.

There’s nothing like the exhilarating rush of trusting your intuition … and even better to experience the rewards of making the right choice.

Many of my clients are now entrepreneurs or professionals who live with purpose, have balance and harmony as their default pattern and live life with an exciting edge.

And if you’re looking for simple and practical ways to manage your day to day life with joy and vitality … which until now has been like finding the elusive holy grail, it’s time to get serious about your future.

Perhaps you are riddled with guilt, doubt, insecurity, fear, sorrow, anger, envy, rage or some other negative emotion … and it blocks you from reaching your potential.

And possibly you haven’t yet figured out how to tap into the power of synchronicity and serendipity.

That’s where I come in …

I’ve spent 29 years developing my intuition to an exceptional level. But, the truth is … I didn’t know I was intuitive till an aura reader told me I could see inside people’s bodies when I was 25. He said if I development intuition, I’d have a happy life, overcome illness, live into my 90s (instead of dying at 53) and would be of great benefit to the world.

The alternative didn’t sound like too much fun … so I figured out how to see inside people’s bodies and got so much more.

The same is true for you … you are inherently intuitive and with the right guidance you too will experience the rush of authenticity, truth and insight about your purpose, and business and life decisions.

So … the revolutionary AreekeerA™ Intuitive Retreat is your answer.

Here’s why … at this retreat you get:

  • over 40 hours with (me) Julie LewinRevolutionary Intuitive – I literally download 29 years of metaphysical, medical intuitive and spiritual research and development in a way that is uniquely tailored to you
  • 3 nights, 3 days in beautiful accommodation with your own bedroom in rural Warwick … your retreat is located on a beautiful 1/3 acre property on the edge of town … when you get right out of your every day environment – that’s when magic happens
  • guided and silent meditation morning and evening – if you don’t want this element of the retreat – it is not essential you do this … it can be substituted with an enchanting early morning walk along the Condamine River and connecting with nature
  • one on one intuitive session with me to locate your emotional blockages, release them and transform your default pattern … so you manifest from the best vibration possible
  • quantum leap in your level of consciousness – you’ll be calibrated before and after the retreat (a tangible measurement of your quantum shift in consciousness) using the David R. Hawkins calibration model … every person who has attended these retreats has had a permanent jump into the JOY vibration
  • intuition in business development from an entrepreneur’s perspective – I bring 7 years of mentoring with world class mentors and a 35 years of corporate and entrepreneurial business experience to the table
  • delicious gourmet retreat food – breakfast, morning / afternoon tea, lunch and 2 course dinner – Frank’s retreat food is legendary – when you come you’ll know why I say this … to be nurtured physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually for 3 days is a rare and wonderful experience
  • practical, proven personal and spiritual development for all areas of your life
  • amazing gifts every day – what a wonderful experience to be overwhelmed with gifts with no hidden agenda

Results speak for themselves … its exciting to see how 3 days can profoundly change lives.

Here’s some success stories from previous retreats …

“This retreat has been absolutely amazing. You’ve changed my world.When I came to this retreat I was looking for myself. I’d been struggling with my heart in an emotional sense … now I have the power to move forward with intent, gratitude and love. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.”
Monika Mundell, Sassy Copywriter
Since the April 2012 retreat, the dynamic Monika has unleashed her kapow potential like a tornado of shift and change. She has gone on to explode her business in true revolutionary fashion … check out what she’s up to now. Monika has some pretty awesome content and gifts for you at – so happy for you Nika … keep charging forward on your magnificent mission to help women connect with their perfect clients through your sassy, sizzling copy.
“Julie this retreat has allowed me to recognize and work with my own Divine power. The connections that we have made on this retreat would not have been possible without the nurturing environment that you and Frank created. Your wisdom and experience has served each of us differently according to our needs. And … our lives will be greatly blessed because of this tailored guidance. Infinite Love and Gratitude!”
Assisi Chant, The Photographic Philosopher

Since the April 2012 retreat, the extraordinary Assisi has created a phenomenon in photography you are going to want to experience. She has discovered how to photograph the essence of you through macro photography in your garden. She feels you through the lens and illustrates your Divine essence through her photography. Assisi’s passion is taking unique stock photos for your business that truly illustrate and represent who you are at your core. She took this pic in my garden.


“Julie just opened us all up. The things I gained from this were incredible. I was able to see what I needed to do for the next phase of my life. It was spiritual, it was practical. For me to be able to put spirit and practice together was invaluable.”
Macky Steele Scott, Intuitive Holistic Coach
Since the April 2012 retreat, the inspirational Macky has built her intuitive coaching business. When she came to the retreat Macky had a wealth of knowledge she had acquired through curiosity and self-education, but no business … no website and no client base. She returned home and immediately took action. She built her website and started marketing her coaching services. She found her niche and now helps professionals transform their limiting beliefs and achieve their previously believed impossible dreams.
“My time on retreat was precious time just for me! Julie’s generosity of spirit and heart created a safe and nurturing environment so the participants could feel free to be themselves. I loved our group meditation times to begin and end the day. I think the most important aspect of my time on retreat was learning to follow Julie’s example of effort, dedication and time to her spiritual work.”
Angelique Adams, Spiritual Teacher
Since the November 2012 retreat, the wise woman Angelique has expanded her business to include spiritual retreats and bootcamps. Angelique has integrated much of the learning from this retreat and now shares her spiritual and metaphysical wisdom in a similar way.
“It was the most remarkable five days that any woman could experience. What Julie gave us here was gold. I’ve been given strategies to go into the wider world and always be able to bring myself back to a strong core and sense of self and sense of purpose. It feels like my physical, emotional and spiritual bodies are all harmonized for the first time in my life. ”
Nora Woollard, Naturopath
Since the May 2013 retreat, the amazing Nora has been able to sleep more than 4 hours, gives herself permission to take more time for herself and her passion for nutrition has been reignited. Nora has a very busy life and to be able to feel the freedom to take time for herself without guilt is invaluable. She has learned that life is a collage and it has strengthened her faith in the mind body connection to healing.

The outcomes have all been different … but all participants have had profound ongoing transformation in their lives. Today, Hillary, a paediatric registrar, wrote … “Everything we talked about and what I experienced with you, has made changes to my whole existence.” 

The AreekeerA™ retreat is definitely …

  • unique – because its my own material I’ve developed over the last 30 years or its my intuitive twist on business fundamentals I’ve learned from others
  • extraordinary - as I extend your awareness into multi-dimensions of existence
  • intimate – as there is just YOU and ME on this retreat
  • and … will definitely propel your life into the next level of living your purpose

How Much Is Not Coming On This Retreat Costing You?


Total cost: $5,500 incl. GST – if paid in full before the retreat

Deposit: $1,000.00 incl. GST to secure your place – and balance due 2 weeks prior to retreat

Payment Plan for balance of payments: is available. Please contact me on 0421 542 436 to discuss payment plan options.


Retreat dates are flexible.   You will need to call me on 0421 542 436 to discuss options.


Confirm your booking with a $1000 deposit and call me on 0421 542 436 to book your retreat.


These retreats are very popular … so if you want to come, you will need to call as soon as possible to secure your dates … as there won’t be more than 2 one on one retreats per month.

This is an IMMERSION program for 3 nights and 3 full days - they are big days starting early in the morning and going through into the evening:

  • you get to pick my brains about medical intuition, healing techniques that work, running a successful entrepreneurial business, and living in the flow day-in / day-out manifesting what you wonder about
  • you will be surprised at your capacity to cope with this intense schedule … because it is fun, enjoyable, exciting and energising

Woohoo … seriously … you’ll return home:

  • exhilarated
  • feeling light and free in your being-ness
  • know your purpose
  • have a vault full of practical spiritual, metaphysical and healing resources to draw on as you unleash your power and manifest your dreams
  • live permanently in the JOY vibration – this is where the magic really happens

This delightfully intimate retreat is about enhancing your current relationships … so DO NOT fear you will be taken so far out of your comfort zone your relationships will suffer. In fact, previous participants have experienced the opposite … their relationships have flourished.

You deserve to live an inspired, joy-filled life, too.

Gift YOURSELF … I soooo look forward to you coming on this extraordinary retreat and helping you seriously kick-start your entrepreneur’s journey – whether it be using medical intuition to add zest and pizzazz to your business … or to accelerate your entrepreneurial business into the next stratosphere.

You will love it! And be so grateful you made the decision to come.

See you soon.





PS … Seriously … I urge you to call me on 0421 542 436 and have a chat about this exceptional opportunity – no pressure, no hard sell - just contagious enthusiasm :) and joy to be connecting with like-minded people.

“Hi Julie, I’VE DONE IT :) I increased the fee to $140, and it felt right. I have also offered phone readings and informed them that the 1-2-1′s will be from my home. How liberating to make that step :) . Thank you so much for the chat, you have no idea how my world has already started to shift.” ~ Sharelle Newcombe
I love an action taker. Sharelle has had a couple of calls with me – initially to book a one-on-one session and also to chat about the retreat. In 20 minutes I showed her how to earn the money to come on retreat, increase her client base and have more time for herself!

PPS … This intimate retreat opportunity is only available to 20 people per year – you can be one of them. CALL ME.