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The concern is…

  • Some of your clients don’t seem to be getting better
  • Sometimes it seems like they are worse off after treatment
  • Causing you to feel inadequate, like you can’t actually help your clients truly heal and thrive in their own lives.
  • It sometimes makes you feel like an imposter, like you shouldn’t be doing what you are doing
  • Sometimes fear whispers to you, that you should just give up the profession altogether
  • After all, your clients deserve to feel good after working with you, and you did get into this work to help.

Chronic activation of the Stress Response survival mechanism impairs physical and mental health.

The Problem is…

Asking clients to talk about their trauma (intentionally or unintentionally) can:

  • activate their nervous system and put them into the stress response (fight,  flight, freeze, fawn, flop)
  • lock the trauma in their physical and emotional body

Chronic Nervous System activation and being in the stress response can:

  • cause unrelenting mental and emotional distress
  • weaken the immune system and cause physical illness & chronic health conditions
  • lower quality and longevity of life

Unfortunately, traditional approaches:

  • don’t relieve the stress response or put clients back into homeostasis/relaxation response at the end of a session
  • miss the energetic component of trauma
  • allow clients to walk away in emotional or mental distress

How can we help?

AreekeerA® is an integrated combination of Hypnotherapy, NLP, and Creative Visualisation, that takes clients from the Stress Response to the Relaxation Response fast, allowing them to thrive in their daily lives and heal from their trauma.

  • It seamlessly complements your current therapeutic techniques, enhancing the outcomes you achieve within the session.
  • It ensures that your clients can benefit from these treatments while maintaining a calm nervous system during and in between sessions, preserving the progress you make together.
  • It empowers them to in-source their healing, making it a co-creative process, not just a problem seeking to be fixed.

Why choose to study with us?

Meet the Founder Julie Lewin

Julie Lewin has been researching and practising her method of healing for the last 40 years and has helped thousands of clients heal with repeatable results. She then turned this body of work into an Accredited Modality in 2014 and has been using it within her own niche of medical intuition.

In the last 5 years she has modified her work to help clients heal from Trauma by turning off their Stress Response (fight, flight, freeze, fawn, flop). This has allowed her to train Counsellors, Therapists and Hypnotherapists to use AreekeerA® as an integrated part of their therapeutic practice.

Qualifications: Accredited Modality with the IICT, Certified Meditation Teacher, Certified Stress Management Consultant, Certified NLP Practitioner, MHs.B (Bachelor’s degree in Metaphysical Humanistic Science)

Why choose to study with us?

How is AreekeerA® different from other modalities?

The AreekeerA® tools and techniques are a Facilitated but Co-Creative process, where the Facilitator engages directly with the client, entering into their creative state. They guide them through the process of discovery rather than telling them what to experience or telling them what’s going to happen next.

The Facilitator asks questions like “what happens next” or “what would you like to do?”.  They are co-creating the whole experience within the framework of the template. They know what outcome they’re looking for, but there are all different routes or roads to get that outcome, dependent on what the client actually says.

So it’s a definite co-creation where the client feels ownership for the experience they’ve been guided through.

And that’s more powerful because they feel it on a cellular level. It leaves an imprint in their physical being and it’s not all cerebral. A lot of counselling is cerebral, not somatic, but because of the way it’s a co-created facilitated journey, it’s a somatic experience as well.

The client feels it in every cell of their body, not just in their mind. It’s a grounded experience, grounded in their body.

They remember it more and they can anchor it. The practitioner can get them to anchor that with an anchor point and say to them, look, when you want to experience that again, just touch that space and you will activate that experience again, which is what they’re doing.

Practitioners can also record the Templates so that clients can experience them in between sessions as well. This doesn’t negate the need for Facilitation, but enhances the in person work.

Testimonials from past and current students

Our graduates report:

  • Personal and professional growth, with increased client satisfaction and breakthroughs in challenging cases.
  • Enhanced work-life balance and reduced burnout in their own lives
  • Creative freedom and co-creation with clients, leading to more impactful sessions and lasting transformations.

I've been heavily trained in EMDR & EMIT and a whole bunch of other modalities (Hypnotherapy, NLP, & Coaching) and work a lot with trauma (abuse, cancer, end of life, health, C-PTSD, grief & loss, relationship conflict). This work, to me, it's filling a gap. Sometimes we get frustrated, and we get to a dead end sometimes. We wonder, what are we going to do next? AreekeerA® creates another really safe, gentle opportunity for clients. And it's gentle and safe for us as well. It's intense, but it's not negatively intense. It's a positive thing that happens because we've got that extra thing to offer and even clients with strict dogmas in terms of religion come around to it.

– Cath Edwards, Trauma Therapist –

"Working with Julie Lewin and incorporating AreekeerA® into my practice has been a game-changer. I've been in the field for years, honing my skills in counselling, hypnotherapy, and energy work, but AreekeerA® has added a whole new dimension to my sessions. The way AreekeerA® seamlessly integrates with Eye Movement Desensitization Reprocessing (EMDR), Eye Movement Integration Therapy (EMIT), and other modalities is truly remarkable. Clients who have been with me for many years are noticing significant shifts in their mental and emotional well-being since I started incorporating AreekeerA®. One of my clients, who has always found EMIT beneficial, recently shared that the addition of AreekeerA® has taken her healing journey to a whole new level. It's incredibly rewarding to witness these transformations firsthand. Using tools like the Thera Tappers in conjunction with AreekeerA® has been mind-blowing. The combination of bilateral stimulation and AreekeerA® techniques creates a powerful healing environment that's hard for clients to resist. The results speak for themselves—most clients love it and ask for it consistently. I'm excited to continue exploring the possibilities with AreekeerA® and helping my clients achieve breakthroughs they never thought possible. Julie's work has truly revolutionised my practice, and I couldn't be more grateful."

– Linda Elsey, Trauma Counsellor & Clinical Hypnotherapist –

"AreekeerA is an energy healing modality that is simple to learn yet powerful and effective. It has transformed me as a person helping open my intuition and creativity and bought a deeper level of healing in the work that I offer as a massage therapist, women's circle facilitator and AreekeerA practitioner."

– Sandra Reiser, Corporate Stress Management –

"The exceptional results Julie’s AreekeerA® techniques are producing is a big motivation to apply them all. This is new medicine! It is new multi-dimensional healing on all levels.”

– Dr Lea Imsiragic, Author & Speaker –

"Julie is an amazing mentor and made learning the AreekeerA® system and techniques a lot of fun, relevant and usable in both a personal and professional capacity. I can never thank Julie enough for the personal growth I experienced, her foresight, her teachings and faith that helped draw the magic out. "

– Angela Joy, AreekeerA® Practitioner –

"The Areekeera Level 1 training was delivered from such a heart centred approach. The course enables you to really connect to your physical body in a way that is simple yet so profound to bring about some amazing and quick healing. Julie’s essence is spread throughout the entire modality and you can’t help but be touched by the healing hands of an angel through her healing templates as she empowers you to be the master of your own healing."

– Faith Friend –

"I just completed the AreekeerA® Level 1 online training. It was absolutely amazing. I had done an in-person version a couple of years ago and registered for the online event because I wanted to top up on my learning about AreekeerA®. I loved the online experience. Julie was incredible the way she was still able to create an intimacy and a bond between the students. I was surprised at how much more I got out of the training."

– Cathy Fyffe –

"The tools that Julie shared with us were fantastic. I have been using the tools and have found that the result for turnaround are just unbelievable. The tools are very practicable and easy to learn. I’ve used the tools on many occasion and have found that my healing time is speeded up. I’ve attended other courses but no one has provided me the one on one support that Julie did. She is so down to earth, a genuine caring soul."

– Teresa Cacaj –

"The AreekeerA® online training with Julie really helped me on so many levels. It was amazing to learn Julie’s powerful healing processes directly with her. I noticed deep changes during the course in how I dealt with my emotions. I was also able to keep myself well and found I had more energy to tackle things in my life. I am a natural visualiser but I found the practices really opened up my ability to visualise and be more creative. I also learnt the power of self healing and to really trust my intuition when I was doing the processes."

– Janice Harvey –

"Julie’s AreekeerA® training is amazing. For years I’ve had broken sleep, tried so many things with minimal positive results. To be totally honest, I was unsure how it could possibly enhance my sleep, but boy, was I wrong! My sleep has been deep, unbroken, no anxiety at all and no need for any other form of assistance to get me to settle. I wake alert, fresh, and bright eyed, ready to take on the day. Thank you Julie for all the hard work you put into everything you do. AreekeerA® really works!"

– Trish Bekkers –

AreekeerA® Level 1 Foundations:
Facilitate Nervous System regulation

Course Outline

Next Intake:


  • 10 weeks of Live Training
  • 3 months of optional mentoring

Course delivery [ONLINE]:
(call times will cater to International Students)

  • 1x Full Day Live Training
  • 10x Weekly Live Sessions
  • 6x Online Course Modules
  • 10x AreekeerA® Templates
  • 1:1 Feedback videos from Julie Lewin for Case Studies


  • 6 Exams
  • 10 Case Studies (2x Sessions with each)

Materials Provided

  • Training Manual
  • Scripts for each AreekeerA® Template
  • Videos, Audios & Transcripts for all course content

Criteria for OPD will be met by this Qualification.

How it works

Your Journey to Becoming an AreekeerA® Practitioner

Application Criteria

AreekeerA® Level 1

Our AreekeerA® Level 1 is Advanced Training for existing practitioners who are ready to take their practice to the next level. To qualify, you must:

  1. Be a qualified coach, therapist, psychologist, or counsellor actively working with clients.
  2. Possess qualifications that allow you to facilitate mindset shifts and transformations (One or more of the following: NLP, Hypnotherapy, Meditation, EMDR, EMIT, Coaching, or Kinesiology)
  3. Have a current client base and be ready to integrate AreekeerA® techniques into your practice.

NB: Our Qualification meets the standards required for OPD with ACA and AACHP.

Step 1: Self-Identify and Qualify

  • Ensure you meet the qualifications and criteria outlined above
  • Be prepared to demonstrate your facilitation skills and commitment to client transformation
  • Provide your existing qualifications

Step 2: Application and Assessment

  • Book a call with Julie Lewin to discuss your interest and eligibility
  • Fill in an application form and undergo an assessment to determine your fit for  AreekeerA® training
  • Julie and our team will review and approve your application

Step 3: Approval and Training

  • Upon approval, you’ll participate in a one-day interactive workshop to experience the Foundational  AreekeerA® templates and techniques.
  • Gain access to our training portal with pre-recorded modules, weekly Live Q&A sessions, and case study assignments.

AreekeerA® Certification Requirements

  • Complete x10 case studies demonstrating your understanding and application of AreekeerA® techniques in a client setting.
  • Pass module exams and participate in ongoing mentorship and support.

Upon successful completion, you’ll receive AreekeerA® certification and join a community of thriving practitioners. You will also be able to apply for accreditation with IICT.

Study outcomes

Upon Completion of AreekeerA® Certification

You will:

  • know how to manage your own stress levels and prevent practitioner burnout
  • have multiple superpowered tools and techniques to get results with challenging clients where nothing else has worked
  • be able to quickly help your clients manage their nervous system and move them from the Stress Response to the Relaxation Response
  • be able to help your clients somatically as well as cerebrally to overcome their trauma
  • empower your clients to in-source their own wellness and help themselves in between sessions
  • receive AreekeerA® certification and join a community of thriving practitioners
  • be eligible to apply for accreditation with IICT
  • use the qualification as OPD with the ACA and AACHP