Co-Creative Visualisation is at the core of our methodology, empowering clients to in-source their healing journey alongside facilitated support.

About the AreekeerA® Institute

Founding Vision

At the AreekeerA® Institute, we are about a unique approach to healing. We see it as a collaboration between our trained practitioners and their clients. It’s not just about fixing problems; it’s about creating an environment where self-revelation, self-understanding, and self-reflection can flourish. And here’s the amazing part: clients don’t just talk about these changes—they feel them. It’s a whole-body experience where shifts happen mentally, physically, emotionally, and spiritually.

About Julie Lewin

The Founder’s Story

In 1984, my journey into the realm of medical intuition and the founding of AreekeerA® took flight after a life-changing psychic reading. I was confronted with a pivotal choice: continue on a path of anticipated hardship or embrace a new destiny brimming with purpose and vitality. Intrigued by the clairvoyant’s guidance, I embarked on a quest to explore the depths of my unique abilities.

Over the next four decades, driven by an unyielding commitment to unravelling the mysteries of the human body and spirit, I dove headfirst into research, development, and the cultivation of what would become AreekeerA®. Along the way, I stumbled upon the extraordinary power of co-creative visualisation—a gift that transcends physical boundaries, igniting profound healing experiences in others.

From those early intuitive insights to the accreditation of AreekeerA® as a recognized healing modality by the International Institute for Complementary Therapies (IICT) in 2014, my vision morphed into a beacon of hope and transformation for seekers of holistic wellness worldwide. Through television appearances and collaborations spanning the globe, I bore witness to the life-altering impact of co-creative healing on countless individuals.

Fueled by a strong desire to share these transformative techniques and leave a lasting legacy, the AreekeerA® Institute was born. It stands as a guiding light for counsellors, therapists, and hypnotherapists eager to harness the power of co-creative visualisation in their practice. Our focus? Co-creating healing experiences that empower clients to seize control of their own well-being. We’re dedicated to arming practitioners with the tools and knowledge needed to facilitate profound, enduring transformations that endure beyond the power of the clinic room.

Together, we’re forging a new era of healing—one founded in a co-creative framework, compassion, and an unwavering faith in the boundless potential of every individual. Come join us on this extraordinary journey toward holistic wellness and empowerment at the  AreekeerA® Institute.

Why we do what we do

The Mission

At the AreekeerA® Institute, we are committed to pioneering innovative methodologies that bridge the gap between conventional medicine and holistic healing, fostering a deeper understanding of the mind-body connection and empowering individuals to tap into their innate healing potential.

What this work means to us

Our Core Values

  1. Excellence: We are dedicated to upholding the highest standards of excellence in everything we do, from the development of our healing modalities to the delivery of our educational programs. We strive for continuous improvement and innovation, pushing the boundaries of what is possible in the field of facilitated healing.
  2. Integrity: Integrity is at the core of our institute’s ethos. We operate with transparency, honesty, and respect for all individuals, fostering an environment of trust and accountability. We prioritize the well-being and empowerment of our clients and community above all else.
  3. Compassion: Compassion lies at the heart of our approach to healing. We recognize the inherent dignity and worth of every individual, and we approach each interaction with empathy, kindness, and understanding. We believe in the transformative power of compassion to heal, nurture, and uplift.
  4. Innovation: Innovation drives our work at the AreekeerA® Institute. We embrace curiosity, creativity, and a spirit of exploration, constantly seeking new ways to enhance the effectiveness and accessibility of facilitated healing practices. We embrace emerging technologies and methodologies that have the potential to revolutionize the field of holistic wellness.
  5. Empowerment: We believe in the inherent power of every individual to heal themselves. Through our programs and services, we empower individuals to take an active role in their healing journey, providing them with the tools, knowledge, and support they need to achieve optimal health and well-being. We foster a culture of empowerment that celebrates personal growth, resilience, and self-discovery.
  6. Collaboration: Collaboration is key to our success at the AreekeerA® Institute. We value partnerships and collaboration with like-minded individuals and organizations, recognizing the collective wisdom and expertise that comes from working together toward a common goal. We believe in the power of community to inspire, support, and elevate each other on our journey toward wellness.

These values guide our work at the AreekeerA® Institute, shaping our approach to healing, education, and community engagement. We are committed to creating a world where co-creative healing is accessible to all, and where individuals are empowered to live their lives to the fullest expression of health, vitality, and purpose.

What we have achieved

Milestones and Achievements

Since its accreditation as a healing modality in 2014, the AreekeerA® Institute has embarked on a journey marked by significant milestones and achievements, all aimed at advancing the field of facilitated healing and empowering individuals to achieve holistic wellness. Here are some highlights of our journey:

  1. Publication of Books and Oracle Cards: We have authored and published several books and oracle card decks that serve as guides for individuals seeking to tap into their own healing abilities. These resources provide practical insights and techniques for self-healing and personal transformation.
  2. Transformational Healing Retreats: Over the years, we have facilitated over 100 individuals through transformational healing retreats, providing immersive experiences designed to catalyze profound shifts in mind, body, and spirit. These retreats, conducted mostly on a one-on-one basis, offer a sacred space for individuals to explore their inner landscape and unlock their inherent healing potential.
  3. Development of Quick Trauma Clearing Method: Through our research and experience, we have developed a quick and effective method for clearing and uncoupling the emotional charge of trauma stored in the body. This innovative approach enables individuals to release past trauma and emotional blockages rapidly, without risk of re-traumatisation, paving the way for deeper healing and transformation.
  4. Focus on Therapists and Practitioners: Recognizing the transformative potential of AreekeerA®, we have found that it is best suited to therapists and practitioners who already facilitate profound and lasting transformation in their clients. By providing specialized training and support, we empower therapists and practitioners to take their practice to the next level by integrating AreekeerA® into their existing therapeutic processes, enhancing the effectiveness of their work and enriching the lives of their clients.

These milestones and achievements reflect our commitment to excellence, innovation, and empowerment at the AreekeerA® Institute. We are dedicated to continuing our journey of exploration and discovery, pushing the boundaries of co-creative healing, and fostering a world where holistic wellness is accessible to all.