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Your Journey to Becoming an AreekeerA® Practitioner

Application Criteria

AreekeerA® Level 1

Our AreekeerA® Level 1 is Advanced Training for existing practitioners who are ready to take their practice to the next level. To qualify, you must:

  1. Be a qualified coach, therapist, psychologist, or counsellor actively working with clients.
  2. Possess qualifications that allow you to facilitate mindset shifts and transformations (One or more of the following: NLP, Hypnotherapy, Meditation, EMDR, EMIT, Coaching, or Kinesiology)
  3. Have a current client base and be ready to integrate AreekeerA® techniques into your practice.

NB: Our Qualification meets the standards required for OPD with ACA and AACHP. 

Step 1: Self-Identify and Qualify

  • Ensure you meet the qualifications and criteria outlined above
  • Be prepared to demonstrate your facilitation skills and commitment to client transformation
  • Provide your existing qualifications

Step 2: Application and Assessment

  • Book a call below with Julie Lewin to discuss your interest and eligibility
  • Fill in the application form in the calendar and undergo an assessment to determine your fit for  AreekeerA® training
  • Julie and our team will review and approve your application

Step 3: Approval and Training

  • Upon approval, you’ll participate in a one-day interactive workshop to experience the Foundational  AreekeerA® templates and techniques.
  • Gain access to our training portal with pre-recorded modules, weekly Live Q&A sessions, and case study assignments.

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