AreekeerA™ Level 1 Self-Care – Training Program

AreekeerA™ Level 1 – Self-Care

A Revolutionary Healing Modality For Everyone

Certificate Qualification – 3 Online Modules + 3-day experiential live Workshop Module.

AreekeerA™ (pronounced ah-ra-kee-rah – an accredited modality with the IICT) is the revolutionary alignment of the physical, emotional, mental, spiritual, auric, energy and etheric bodies.

Its core practice is comprised of creative visualisation meditations (called templates) which activate specific self-healing or are used to facilitate self-healing in others.

AreekeerA™ Level 1 is perfect for anyone who wants to heal for specific reasons or for general well-being and to maintain a healthy body/mind. The templates can be used equally well for pets.

The evolution of AreekeerA™ began in 1984. It has been used to facilitate healing in thousands of people around the world and includes hands on healing and facilitated self-healing.

People experience remarkable results with this modality which transforms years of pain and discomfort.

AreekeerA™ Level 1 – Self-Care Certificate Program


Principles of Intuition

Lesson 1:  What is intuition

Lesson 2:  Intuition and wishful thinking

Lesson 3:  Intuition activation

Lesson 4:  Synchronicity and serendipity

Lesson 5:  How to vibrationally read the body

Lesson 6:  Key qualities of self-healing intuition


Fundamentals of AreekeerA™

Lesson 1:  The principles of creative and spontaneous visualization

Lesson 2:  How to shift energy blockages with visualization

Lesson 3:  How to activate energy shields

Lesson 4:  Energy cleansing templates

Lesson 5:  Cell rejuvenation and regeneration

Lesson 6:  Colour and its role in facilitating self-healing

Lesson 7:  Sacred space and its relationship to ongoing health and wellness


Metaphysical Body Language

Lesson 1:  The left and right side of the body

Lesson 2:  The different body parts

Lesson 3:  The 3 primary emotions

Lesson 4:  The impact of stress on the body

Lesson 5:  Interpretation of metaphysical body language in a meaningful way


AreekeerA™ Templates

This module is a live 3 day workshop which includes learning these healing templates:

  1. Soothe the alimentary canal
  2. Locate gallbladder trigger and support gallbladder
  3. Locate kidney trigger and support kidneys
  4. Support bladder health
  5. Support burns and skin lesions
  6. Support broken bones
  7. Release pain from the body
  8. Soothe the nervous system
  9. Release trapped energy in the spinal column
  10. Release tension in the neck and shoulders
  11. Dissolve a tension headache
  12. Reduce and/or dissolve fluid retention
  13. Manage infection in the body
  14. Full body tune up
  15. Recalibrate energy body
  16. Balance horizontal and vertical energy
  17. Activate Pyramid Healing Chamber
  18. 380 nanometer healing templates
  19. Release trapped emotion from the cells
  20. Balance emotions in 5 minutes
  21. Recalibrate the master cells in the body
  22. Neutralise stress in the bloodstream
  23. Release negativity templates
  24. Release tension in scar tissue and adhesions
  25. Reconnect nerves damaged from surgery incisions
  26. Transform vibration of food in the body
  27. Pattern water for specific outcomes
  28. Clarity of mind from connection with nature
  29. Energy exercises to awaken intuition
  30. Energy protection templates
  31. Energy cleansing templates
  32. Crystal cave vibrational attunement


Bonus #1

AreekeerA Vibration: Healing Yourself From Within Book

AreekeerA™ Vibration: Healing Yourself From Within

(Value $30)

Bonus #2

Before After Surgery Toolbox Healing Meditations

(Value $25)

Bonus #3

AreekeerA Oracle Card Deck

AreekeerA™ Celestial Guidance Oracle Deck

(Value $35)

Bonus #4

AreekeerA Brain Support flower essence

Brain Support – AreekeerA™ Flower Essence

(Value $25)

#5 Bonus – Private Forum – Lifetime Access

There is a private forum set up for students in the AreekeerA™ Academy.

This means you do not need to be on Facebook to take advantage of the private forum where you can participate with other students and receive invaluable feedback to your questions from Julie Lewin and others trained in Level 1.

This is an evergreen forum, so new people will be joining regularly throughout the year.

(Value $397/year)


Choose The Best Payment Option For You

Cash Flow Option

AUD$550 x 4

$550 now, then 3 spaced at 30 days apart

Best Value (Save $203)


Modules 1-4: Incl. 3-Day Workshop
Modules 1-4: Incl. 3-Day Workshop

Not Sure If This Is Right For You ?

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Refund and Cancellation Policy:

Celestial Consciousness Pty Ltd has a “no refund” policy for the AreekeerA™ Level 1 – Self-Care program. However, we do have a 7 day cooling off period. After 7 days, you will be given access to the online modules and your bonuses will be shipped to you.
The live workshop module is held in Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne and Perth and you can attend 1 of these workshops as part of your program.

All advertised workshops require a minimum number of attendees, and Celestial Consciousness Pty Ltd reserves the right to cancel, change dates and/or venues of any advertised workshops, up to 1 week prior to the scheduled start time. All participants registered for the workshop will be informed by telephone and email of any changes to the schedule.

If you are travelling to attend a workshop, travel insurance is recommended. Celestial Consciousness Pty Ltd will not be responsible for costs incurred by participants for airfares, hotels, accommodation or any other associated expenses.

If unforeseen circumstances arise which prevent you from attending your scheduled workshop, please advise us in writing and we will reschedule you to another Module 4 Workshop with one of our other intakes.

Online Training Commences:

The online training for AreekeerA™ Level 1 – Self-Care Module 1 launches on 11 July 2017.

To take advantage of the End of Financial Year price, payment must be received by midnight on 30 June 2017.

Yes, you can take the 3 payment option providing you lock your first payment in by midnight on 30 June 2017. After which it becomes a 4 payment option.

Live Workshop Training:

The workshops are held bi-annually (providing minimum numbers are met) in Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne and Perth, Australia.
They are facilitated by the Founder of AreekeerA™, Julie Lewin.

AreekeerA™ Level 1 – Self-Care Certificate qualifies you to work on yourself and your family.

AreekeerA™ Level 1 – Self-Care is a pre-requisite for AreekeerA™ Level 2 – Facilitator which is a “By Application” program.

Only students who have completed Level 2 are registered and approved to trade as an AreekeerA™ Facilitator and qualify for  accreditation and insurance.

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