AreekeerA™ Oracle Card Set

What You’ll Get…

  • 56 exquisitely designed cards transmitting potent healing vibration
  • A beautiful box to hold your cards and book and a reading cloth if you have one
  • The activation of your own intuitive wisdom
  • How to deliberately raise your level of consciousness with 56 practical exercises
  • Real world solutions with practical spiritual and metaphysical guidance
  • The vital keys to unlocking your inner healing powers
  • The revolutionary alignment of 7 essential qualities within your 7 bodies

Simply put … each card opens a doorway to your soul





Hi … my name is Julie Lewin and I am a medical intuitive, author and co-author of 7 books, radio and TV personality, artist, meditation teacher, retreat facilitator, business mentor and founder of the AreekeerA™ modality.

The word AreekeerA™ was given to me in meditation to collectively describe the results of my metaphysical and spiritual research and development over the last 32 years.

In October 2014, this body of work was accredited by the IICT as the AreekeerA™ modality. Its core practice is composed of specific creative visualisation meditations developed by me.

At the beginning of my metaphysical journey I promised to share my discoveries. This oracle deck is one of the ways I’ve honoured this promise.

“These beautiful and utterly unique cards are a true testament to Julie’s creative style. Julie has made the most original deck I have had the genuine pleasure to have been given a reading from.

Her dynamic, intriguing designs are as breathtaking in their colourful artwork as they are in their thoughtful meaning. The Universe freely speaks through them, making this deck a definite star quality joy to use. Enjoy their wisdom.”

Zoe Jung

“Julie, I have been using the deck and oh my goodness, they are so in tune with everything that’s happening within me as I go deeper into myself and awaken my intuition and divine feminine. 

I have found that using the full spread is so comprehensive in relation to all the parts of my experience. I’m blown away by the accuracy and depth these readings bring into my consciousness. Wow!”

Kelly Beverly

Here's an example of what you'll get in the deck:

You get the beautiful card, the message from the book, the exercise in the book.

The additional info is available in a members only program. (Coming Soon)

Being natural can relate to a number of areas in relation to your physical wellbeing eg., the fabric you wear, your personality style, the use or lack of make-up, and whether you remove body hair or not.

What you find natural … may not be natural for another.  Do not compare yourself to others.

Energetically, when you wear natural fibre clothes your whole being feels more alive, free and clear.

Relieve some of the stressors on your body and wear totally natural fibres today.

The same goes for food … natural food is the best source of nutrition for you – ie., food God made – rather than synthetic food (food made from chemicals or man-made).

You can make this a rule your body will love:  if God didn’t make it, don’t eat it!

A classic example of this is:  butter or margarine?


Experiment with wearing all natural fibres.

Keep a record of how you feel emotionally, physically and mentally at the day’s end.

Also, experiment with wearing synthetic fibres and keep a record as above.

Compare the results and make positive choices about the fibres you wear against your body.

Additional Info:

When you are drawn to this card … or it comes up in your reading – it also indicates that authenticity is important to you.

Some questions to ask could be:

  • Am I being my authentic self in this situation?
  • Are those around me being authentic and genuine in this situation?
  • What do I need to do or say to be my natural beautiful self?

How do you know if what you are feeling is your “stuff” or someone else’s?

This can be challenging … however, a good rule of thumb is if you have a strong reaction to a situation … it is your emotions you are dealing with.

If you are feeling overburdened … use your analytical mind to assess your situation to see if there is anything happening that would/could cause this feeling.

This is a wonderful opportunity for you to review how you take responsibility for your energy and emotions.

Be conscious of your thoughts and the words you speak. Protect your energy with a prayer or ritual.

Through this discipline you will create harmony and balance within your being – and you will ease the experience of being sensitive to the emotions of those around you.

Know this to be true … there is scientific proof that protecting your energy through prayer or ritual is effective.


Imagine you are standing under a golden light pouring out of a sacred shower head.

This light is moving over and through you and into the grate you are standing on.

You are being cleansed … energetically, spiritually and aurically … decreasing your sensitivity to others.

Additional info:

When you are drawn to this card or it comes up in a reading you may be experiencing the emotions of world events, whether that be a natural disaster or a man-made disaster.

This card is here to remind you to know yourself and to understand who you are. Then you are able to allow the emotion to wash through you and not be captured in your being as you take ownership of something beyond you and not of you.

Follow your heart and you will be led down a road of self-discovery and fulfillment.

Be ruled by your mind and you will encounter obstacles of an overwhelming nature.

When you set your intentions … allow the mystery of the Universe to create the recipe for manifesting the result.

Your responsibility is to follow your intuition, notice the signposts along the way … and take congruent ACTION in relation to your intuition.

Set your intentions with a pure heart for best outcomes.

Additional info:

When you are drawn to this card or it comes up in a reading, you REALLY are being called to take ACTION.

However, do not be seduced into believing you need to control the process of achieving your intention.

Allow flexibility into your action … and your intention will be fruitful.


Think about a time that was amazing in every aspect – happy, uplifting, and filled with joy and love. Take note of where the feeling is in your body.  (This is how your unconscious self says YES you are on the right path.)

Think about a time that was negative, painful, sad and without joy.Take note of where the feeling is in your body.  (This is how your unconscious self says NO you are not making the best choice.)

Whenever you have a choice to make – consider it fully and note the feeling in your body – does it resonate with your YES sign or your NO sign – whatever your body reflects is your true answer.

WARNING:  If you allow your mind to overrule your body and intuition – your life could go pear-shaped for a while.


Use your distinctive characteristic today to create a positive experience for yourself.   It may even be that it creates a positive experience for others as well—but it isn’t necessary for others to be involved in your experience.

It can be as short as having “a moment” or as long as “the day”.

There are no rules about what you experience.

Your unique characteristic could shine in your work environment … or is kept for your personal and private life.

Your distinctive characteristic could be compassion, kindness, quirky, thoughtful, psychic, joyful, spontaneous … think about your characteristics—and choose one that definitely identifies you … use it consciously and be fully present in the experience.

If you are shy—leave that characteristic under your pillow today—and do something the complete opposite, just for you. If you like the feeling and result—do it again another day.

Your experiences are what make you “You”!


Laugh out loud with abandonment and freedom.  Give yourself over to the full experience.

Look for joy in your day.  Engage in the feeling. It is going to sneak up on you and you will be spontaneously surprised and filled with joy repeatedly. 

In fact, do this every day!

Additional info:

When you are drawn to this card or it comes up in a reading you may be experiencing doubt about your gifts or abilities.

This card calls you to let your inner creative fly … let your distinctive characteristics attract into your life the experiences and people that make you feel whole and complete. And YES, you can always grow from this sense of completeness to create an even more awesome you.

Your energy can be affected by the thoughts and feelings of those around you, and even those on the other side of the world.

Find a way that works for you to protect your energy from being affected by others.

One way is to place the tip of your tongue to the roof of your mouth.  It’s the little dip behind the ridge behind your front teeth and before the roof of your mouth.  This action will close off your energy circuits and protect your energy.

Another way is to join your fingers together around an imaginary ball.  This also closes off your energy circuits.  You’ll see many speakers do this.

Also, you need to be responsible for your thoughts and feelings and any impact they may be having on the people around you.

It’s not a one way street.  You have the power to affect others as much as they can affect you.

The wonderful thing about being human … you get to choose the energy and emotions you transmit.  You can have a positive or negative impact on your world – be conscious of this gift.

The action is completed before it is done.  Think about this!


Take a deep breath all the way in to the bottom of your lungs … and imagine you have stepped inside a mystical cylinder. 

The outside of the cylinder is made from a magic mirror. 

Activate your Magic Mirror of Protection with this prayer:

“Only that which is for my highest good may pass through this magic mirror – everything else is reflected back to its source with much love and in a benign manner.”

Additional info:

When you are drawn to this card or it comes up in a reading it is a clear message that you must protect your energy.

You could be experiencing fatigue, illness, overwhelm, depression or something else. Take this as a sign you are being impacted by others and to be conscious about protecting your energy.

You don’t need to know the cause of your energy leak … simply plug it with your rituals for protection.

Society has established guidelines for living. It is a responsibility of all to teach and demonstrate the right and correct way to behave.

So be mindful of the way you choose to live – you will be teaching others through your words and more importantly through your actions.

Your morals are your code of conduct … your values … and your inner rules. Sometimes they don’t match up to those of your family, your friends or your peers.

This is where you need to make a judgment call on what you will and won’t participate in.

You may find when your morals are violated, locating happiness is more challenging.

Your responsibility now is to determine what your core values and morals are and stand by them.

Your inner strength will grow and you will be recognised as a person of integrity.


Consider what your code of ethics is, and define the boundaries within which you will live your life from this point forward.

Write your boundaries down and make them a living, evolving code as you grow and develop through your journey of life.

Additional info:

When you are drawn to this card or it comes up in a reading it is a reminder to you to stand your ground.

There are some things that are negotiable in your life … be clear on what your non-negotiables are. And this is in your personal life and your career / business.

When you are clear on your values … you will attract these qualities into your life. So be prepared for there to be a shake up of friends, career and business clients.

Just as the Sun is always shining, regardless of what crosses the path between you and it – you always have the gifts of courage, strength, intuition, hope, faith and trust to call upon and use … even when you feel they have disappeared.

Neither the Sun nor God withdraw their heat or benevolence even though at times you may turn your back on them.

Turn and face the Divine Sun today and experience your birthright and all that is Blessed. Be filled with Divine Blessing.

There is a blessing in all situations … if life is difficult for you right now … instead of focusing on all the challenges, locate the blessing.

Hold fast to your dreams … they are the key to maintaining your hope and faith.

Trust your intuition. Be grateful for all you are blessed with.

Even the things you feel are “bad” – there is a blessing to be gained from it – find it and anchor that into your memory – rather than the negative emotions that insidiously arise.

Your body will be grateful if you can do this.


Tomorrow arise before dawn and watch the sunrise in the morning sky.  Feel the wonder and awe which the light brings into your heart.

Awe heals the body, heart and soul.

Fill yourself up with awe and feel the blessing regard of God.

Additional info:

When you are drawn to this card or it comes up in a reading you are blessed.

It may not always feel as though you are being blessed. This is also a time to know you are experiencing the threads of the tapestry being put in place.

There is a bigger picture at play and you are called to dig deep into your reservoir of courage and trust your intuition.





Here’s why you will love it …

You get access to Julie’s 32 years of research and development into metaphysics and spirituality which has been distilled into this beautiful, vibrationally rich deck of cards, box and accompanying book.

What this means is:

  • you get the benefit of her mistakes and learning
  • you get proven resources that have been tried and tested over time
  • you get to tap into the same guidance that has helped Julie and thousands of people live a happier, fulfilled life.

This is not just a deck of cards – it is the portal for you to create the life you want – yes, it is possible to live a truly happy, fun, meaningful life. And these cards are a great resource to help you do that.

The 124 page book shares the wisdom behind each card which also has an exercise for each card to assist your insight. The book is full of resources to inspire you to deepen your spiritual practice, explore your self-understanding adventure and get the answers you are looking for.

And how do they work?

At your core you are energy and these cards are also energy. When you have a specific question or you simply seek guidance for the day, you are looking for a resonance match to answer your question.

The best way to bring this resonance through from the intangible to the tangible in a meaningful way is to think of your question while you shuffle the cards. At a point you intuitively know, you stop shuffling and spread the cards, and receive your message.

What if you decide to pass on this opportunity?

I hope you don’t, but if you do – you will miss out on experiencing the powerful, tangible rush of using these cards. Here’s what Rory Bland said when he held the original deck. I wonder what he’ll say when he gets the upgraded deck?

As soon as I held the cards in my hands I felt happy. These cards have an amazing vibration in them and I could feel it instantly. I was quite amazed. Julie said that was the intention she put into them and I could feel it straight away before even looking at them. They just feel so good!

Rory Bland

What if you sleep with the cards?

I would never have thought to do this, however, Angela Earle did.

When I shared this info with other people who bought the original deck – I got this delightful response, “Doesn’t everyone do that!” Apparently they do.

I sleep with your cards under my pillow as a selection is made each night. I wake up with clarity.

Angela Earle

I love my cards!!!

The magic is happening already and it’s so beautiful.

Fiona, Toowoomba